Two Years Later…Shylah Gets Her Wish!

It was October 6, 2014 when Tarah rushed Shylah to the ER because of complications with her breathing.

2 year Anniversary

The next day the doctors shared with us that it was cancer.

We would spend the next 25 days at UC Davis Children’s hospital, as Shylah underwent tests, procedures, scans and treatments to save her life from this terrible disease.

Earlier this month, I shared a video that I made for a fundraising event that was held by wonderful family friends in my hometown of Shelton, WA. It walks through our experience in the days and months that followed her diagnosis.

On October 31, 2014, Halloween night, Shylah was released from the hospital to return home. No longer able to walk, that year, we made our best effort to participate in the Halloween’s festivities, using a stroller to walk the streets with our boys.

Two years later, Shylah, dressed as the Queen of Hearts, was leading the charge as we walked house to house trick or treating last night.

Shylah was the Queen of Hearts this Halloween.

Shylah has come so far over the last two years and we couldn’t be more grateful. She is in school, playing soccer and her immune system is so strong that we rarely have her wear a mask.

Thank God.

So, tomorrow will mark a very special milestone in Shylah’s journey. Tomorrow, Make-A-Wish will announce her wish at a special breakfast being held at the Hyatt in downtown Sacramento.


“Wake Up For Wishes” is a celebration event that Make-A-Wish holds on every 1,000th wish they grant. The breakfast also serves to thank donors for the support they receive to help make all of their wishes come true for the children they serve.

Shylah is one of those children.

In fact, Shylah’s wish will mark the 6,000 wish that the Northern California Make-A-Wish has granted. At tomorrow’s breakfast Make-A-Wish will highlight a number of their recent wishes, like little Ethan’s wish to be a garbage man for a day and conclude with an announcement of Shylah’s wish.

Tarah and I have some idea of what is in store for Shylah tomorrow, but Shylah doesn’t have a clue. Tonight we are staying at the Hyatt (the wishing fairies must know we’d be late to breakfast otherwise) and Shylah knows we are hear for a Make-A-Wish event, but that’s it.

I wish all of you who have prayed and supported us could join us tomorrow morning, but I will do my best to take pictures and share them on Shylah’s Facebook page as her wish is revealed.

Two years later, Shylah has come a long long way. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.