“This is the life.”

Shylah is doing great!

We are long overdue for an update here, but grateful to report that Shylah continues to make great progress in her cancer journey. Shylah’s “maintenance phase” of monthly chemotherapy infusions at the cancer clinic continue, but considering the circumstances she sure keeps things positive.

Some of you might have seen the video Tarah posted from the cancer clinic in February. If you didn’t know better, you might think she was hanging out at the spa.

She has no idea…but this is also what makes this journey with her so amazing.

This season has been one of continued healing. Without the assistance of a physical therapist, Shylah’s strength and mobility has pretty much returned. It is amazing to be witness to her recovery. She continues her ballet classes, dancing every Monday. She loves it.

A video of Shylah running the bases at this time last year (2015), not too long after she was walking again.

She also has this beautiful head of hair returning.

Recently, I found her all by herself standing in front of the mirror just combing away. She was so caught up in brushing her new hair she didn’t notice me leave and return with my phone to video her in this special moment.

It has also been wonderful to see Shylah’s faith grow over this past year. Her spiritual awareness is far beyond her years and I believe it has been largely influenced by all of the prayers for her over the past year. In November Shylah prayed to have Jesus come into her heart and then in January she asked if she could be baptized.  While we continue to live with so much uncertainty, our confidence in her faith and connection with our Lord provides a wonderful sense of peace.

Personally, I’ve struggled with feeling like, “we’re good, she’s good,” and not spending the same amount of time on my knees, sending updates and researching her cancer online (like I did last year). I feel guilty feeling relaxed. I shared this with her doctor. Dr. Pawar encouraged me to enjoy Shylah,don’t worry, enjoy this time and focus on enjoying where she is right now.

So, we are.

Every day.


Thank you all for your continued messages, prayers and support. Shylah is doing great and we are so grateful for all of you who continue to rally around her and our family in prayer and thanksgiving. It has made all the difference.

Our Prayer Requests:

We expect that Shylah’s next CT scan will be this spring. They have not given us a date or time yet, but if you could be praying for a clear scan and no sign of cancer.

We are also praying that she does not catch Kaden’s cold. Kaden has been suffering with strep throat type symptoms, but so far has tested negative. We try and do all we can to manage the germs, but between Kaden and Lance, its tough to ensure protection.

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” – Matthew 6:34

A cute video from yesterday’s trip to the park where Shylah wished for spending time with her brother Lance.