Shylah Meets the Blue Angels

Shylah watching the Blue Angels return to the runway.
Shylah waiting to meet the Blue Angels after their practice.

On Friday Shylah was invited by Make-A-Wish to  join other “wishers” for an opportunity to watch the Blue Angels practice prior to their weekend performance at the California Capital Airshow.

Shylah meeting the pilots.

Make-A-Wish had a tent right at “center point” on the runway where kids and their families were invited to watch the show.


I posted some photos on Facebook of our kids watching the Blue Angels and few people asked if this was Shylah’s “wish.” This wasn’t Shylah’s “wish,” but rather a very cool opportunity that Make-A-Wish extended to all of the families currently in their program.


Not only did the kids get to watch the show up close and personal, but as soon as the practice was over the pilots came right over to the Make-A-Wish tent to meet the kids. I was impressed. The pilots didn’t just come by and wave; they stopped, they got down on their knees, they asked the kids their names and questions, signed autographs and really spent some time with all of the kids that were there. It was impressive. It didn’t feel rushed. It was relaxed and very personal.

Lance meets Lt. Lance.
Lance meets Lt. Lance.

It was a very fun experience that our kids won’t forget (and neither will I!).

Shylah with Lt. Carrie.
Shylah with Lt. Carrie.

So, since Shylah’s initial meeting with Make-A-Wish and certainly after posting photos of our time with Make-A-Wish on Friday, I’ve received questions about Shylah’s wish; “what is it and when will it happen?” Well, all I can say is that it is still being worked on by the “wishing fairies.” From what they have shared with us, things are getting closer and we should hear word on some details soon and of course, I’ll be sharing the news with everyone here.

Kaden was super excited to meet the pilots.
Kaden was super excited to meet the pilots.

I want to thank Make-A-Wish for the opportunity on Friday to watch the Blue Angels practice and to thank the Blue Angels Team for meeting with our kids. I am still very impressed with the quality of the time they spent with the Make-A-Wish kids. It certainly left quite the impression.