Moving to Maintenance Phase!

Shylah and Lance at the little hospital together for Shylah’s appointment with Dr. Pawar.

Shylah’s CT Scan appears to be as good as her doctors would hope for at this point in the process and Shylah is moving ahead with the maintenance phase of her treatment. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be at this appointment, but the radiology report appears to suggest that all that might be left of her tumor is the scar tissue that they would expect to see from this past year’s chemo treatments. Of course, they are cautious with how they convey results, but obviously we are happy with what feels like progress and that she is moving into the maintenance phase vs the alternative direction.

The other great news that we were not expecting was the news that Shylah will only have one year of maintenance treatment and that at this time next year she would be done with her chemo treatment. This is a bit amazing to me because we had been under the impression from many conversations that it would be a 2 year phase. So, to have 12mos left feel like an answer to prayer and we are so grateful for this news.

So, thank you for your prayers over this past week. We believe your prayers and petitions for Shylah makes a difference and we felt that difference this past week and God’s presence amidst our anxiousness. Thank you.

Today Shylah begins her maintenance phase treatment. So Tarah and Shylah are heading to the little hospital. Please pray for them today.

  • Courtney

    This is the most amazing news!! We are celebrating here…moving to maintenance phase and HALF the length of time we thought it would be?! I feel a Frozen singalong coming on in Shylah’s honor!! Thank you Lord!