Big Hospital, Little Hospital

I realized this morning that I haven’t updated the blog since Shylah went into the hospital the weekend before last. Those of you that follow Pray For Shylah on Facebook saw her being discharged via that short video I posted as it happened. This appears to be a reoccurring pattern of mine, to post something quickly, but then not come back to the blog to provide a more full report on how she is doing and where things stand. I’m sure you all can understand, but I am sorry about that. The encouragement and support that we continue to experience from family, friends and people we don’t know is humbling and wonderful and not something we take for granted.

Okay, that’s off my chest.

Shylah talked me into a late night snack on Sunday night. She’s impossible to say no to, especially when she is dressed as a princess. Her wish is my command.

Since being discharged, Shylah’s continued to keep good pace with her treatment schedule and avoided further hospital stays. Yesterday was another treatment at the cancer clinic, starting with a spinal tap in the morning at the surgery center.  This is what we call, “routine” now and our goal is to keep her out of the “big hospital” and maintain her schedule for the “little hospital.” Shylah calls the Children’s Hospital stays on the 7th floor, the “big hospital” and any visit to the cancer clinic, her time at the “little hospital.” The hospital and the cancer clinic are across the street from each other and Shylah’s description of the two are quite literal, with the UC Davis hospital being 10+ stories and the cancer clinic only two.

Shylah works on an art project while at the cancer clinic yesterday.

As I’ve said before, this fifth round has been the toughest on Shylah since the first round. We were warned that this would be the case and now we’re experiencing the side effects, the mood swings and consequences of this tougher chemo combination.

Thank you for you’re care and concern, even when I’m not able to get to posting a new blog. I need to post a follow up report on the fund raiser for Shylah in Shelton. I was able to travel home to be there and it was amazing. The support, the hugs and the generosity was overwhelming and deserving of its own blog post.

So, thank you all for your continued love for Shylah and our family. You are all such an encouragement during these days when it can be difficult to see or hear God’s answer from all of your prayers.

I like what author and friend Michele Cushatt says about this in her book Undone, “sometimes God fights for his girl in ways she never imagined.”

I know He is fighting for her.

– Kasey

  • dkprinzing

    Thanks Kasey …. Your endurance as a parent is profoundly moving.

    • Thank you Debra. Your support has been unwavering. Thank you.

  • Jeni

    Kasey, I think about you and your family everyday and include you in my prayers. Hugs my friend!